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This week we are happy to offer you a giveaway for a bag from the lovely Wanda! Wanda first sent my mom one of her pretty bags when Auntie Leila idly commented on Facebook that she “needed a drone to deliver her some yarn, STAT.” Well, she got her yarn (courtesy of Wanda and Kathy of 9Peas, who were yarn shopping together) — and  a handy bag to keep it in. That matches the yarn! Pretty awesome Facebook friends, right?

Now, Wanda makes these bags in lots of shapes and sizes. They are really beautifully made with a full lining.

But for this giveaway, she had a great idea: A bag for your Little Oratory book, and maybe a pen and notebook as well if you are reading along with Elizabeth’s Summer in the Oratory or just like to have things neatly together like that!


And, just to be in Like Mother, Like Daughter mode, she found and deployed some truly gorgeous vintage linen, lining it with flannel, so your book would be cozy and vintage-y! Such a cute idea (and we just love that fabric!).

Wanda bag

Wanda bag


a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you don’t win, just enter the code ORATORY for a 20% discount on a Little Oratory-sized book bag from Wanda’s Etsy shop, Drawstrings. (These are a special size — click “Custom Order”). If there is some other type of bag you would like (for your knitting, dance shoes, laundry… ), enter the code LMLD1 for a 15% discount! Thank you, Wanda! These offers are until June 13. Since the book is not included with the bag, don’t forget these Father’s Day giveaways of The Little Oratory book going on! Haley’sElizabeth’sCari’sSarah’sWaltzing Matilda’s! (Did I miss any? We can update!)


And if you would like your product or service to be featured here on {bits & pieces} with a giveaway, send an email to LMLDblog (at) gmail (dot) com for consideration.


This week’s links!



  • A reflection on the virtue of drawing rather than snapping thoughtless photos. I can attest to the truth of this based on my experience of spending six weeks in France, drawing (and painting) for 3-8 hours a day. During that time, which was like a period of extreme artistic fitness, I am positive that my brain was working differently and I was seeing absolutely everything differently and more attentively. It was a fascinating and highly rewarding experience! I know that I could recreate it to some extent if I were just to be like The Artist and bring a sketchbook with me everywhere, seizing any possible opportunity to put some pencil to paper. But the best part of it is that you really don’t have to be an artist at all for the advice of this article to apply to you; it doesn’t matter, for these purposes, what does end up on your page. The truth is that if you really want to see something, there simply is no better way to get to see it than to attempt to draw it!




  • 7 Saints for Pentecost.  Auntie Leila adds that Mary is often depicted in the center of the apostles and larger than they, because she is the type of the church, not merely “there” on the day of Pentecost. This corrects any misconception that we may have that the church consists only in the hierarchy — the Petrine model– as important as it is. The Church is our mother as well — the Marian model is one we must not forget!


  • All about a Gregorian Chant Camp for children. Watch the film — if you are pressed for time, start in the middle. The last half is very good at expressing what is different about chant and why it’s so important for recovering liturgical sensibilities. The whole thing is a good reminder that our children can do much more than we think!


  • In a memorial spirit: a video of Boys of Point du Hoc, one of the classic speeches of history: President Reagan commemorating the 40th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy: D-Day.



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  1. Dianna says

    What a lovely bag! I find the manifesto against luxury kithens amusing after a mad rush looking at houses to discover perfectly normal kitchens were converted to having a 12 inch copper sink and a wine cooler instead of bottom cabinets!

  2. says

    Okay, folks — sorry — the technical difficulties have been resolved I think! Please enter using the rafflecopter widget! Sorry for the wonkiness!

  3. Betsy M says

    I don’t have time to go through all your links yet, but wanted to say how much I loved the post about the kitchens. Very funny. Oh, and that bag is beautiful Wanda! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  4. says

    My Little Oratory book would love to live in that bag :) And the kitchen posts were hilarious. I have several family members renovating or building kitchens currently/in the near future so I will be passing it along to them!

  5. says

    “The Church is our Mother ….” is probably one of those Covenant realities that we can ‘feel’ ~ Remembering how much we needed God to become man to touch our humanity, our Blessed Mother is the mirror of Christ, yet for us, our mother. This truth touches our humanness, if we let it, so deeply, it has the power to transform. It’s why we invite her into our home, very near to us, in our Little Oratory we call the Homeshrine. What a gift to our times!

    • says

      Oh my, what I was trying to say was I loved the note, “The Marian Model is one we must never forget.” …. So sorry if this sounded very soapboxish! (I’m just learning the spirit of a blog Giveaway ~ it’s very sweetly competative? :) I loved the spiritual point so much, I forgot all about the little bag ~

  6. Joy in Alabama says

    Thank you for posting the giveaway!!

    I just love bits and pieces. Look forward to it every Saturday!!

  7. says

    There IS a reason to save little bits of pretty fabric- bags! I do find myself putting ‘like’ items in little bags to stick in my bigger bag or basket in the car. Bag #1: current knitting project and pattern, Bag#2: shopping list notebook, pen, calculator, reusable bags and coupons, Bag #3: address book , pen, stamps, envelopes. Helps keep things organized for the person who is always running to different places and forgetting one thing or another.

  8. Cara says

    A beautiful bag for my already well loved Little Oratory book, that I can take along to swimming lessons to read whilst I wait!

  9. Tracy says

    What a lovely giveaway!

    Love the kitchen manifesto. We built our house two years ago and it took forever to convince sellers that I *wanted* linoleum and formica. And do you know that most linoleum is now made to look like tile or wood and not linoleum at all? ?????

  10. April L says

    I loved the kitchen manifesto! I truly love my small, slightly dated, colorful kitchen with oak cabinets. :)

  11. Kathy says

    I love drawstring bags! They open and close QUIETLY during Mass, unlike many bags with snap, zipper or Velcro closures. If you have a snoopy toddler, you know exactly what I mean.

  12. Jenny says

    I love bags and I’d love another one!

    I am not living under the tyranny of a luxury kitchen. I just want some countertop space, maybe three linear feet in one spot. Is that too much to ask?

  13. Kathleen L. says

    Love the bags at Drawstrings! I have one for my knitting already, now a bag for the book would be great!

  14. Kelsey says

    I’m so very glad Elizabeth’s blog has introduced me to this one. I have already found so much wisdom to apply to my home and family. I would love this bag!

  15. Gwenny says

    Some friends and I have started a Little Flowers group… and we are discussing Little Oratory during playtime when the meeting is over!

  16. Sarah says

    I love this bag–so beautiful! And I REALLY want to read this book! I need to get myself a copy soon…

  17. Karen Kalna says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’m giving copies of the Little Oratory as gifts to young families. Hoping to start them on the right path early.

  18. says

    Such beautiful fabric for that bag! I just received my copy of the Little Oratory and am slowly reading my way through it. Of course the first thing I did, though, was take my favorite icon from the back and put it up in my living room! My kids still think that all kinds of “stuff” ought to go on that shelf, but I am determined to transform it. :)

  19. Kellyann says

    Excited to use these summer months to create my own little oratory! Awesome giveaway to
    get me started.

  20. says

    Thanks for the link on drawing vs photography! My (adult) son just commented last night that pictures ruin memory, and he can’t properly remember anything he’s seen a photo of as he only remembers the picture. It had me wondering about how differently people must have used their brains before photography, and voila, here you have a most interesting article relating to the topic. It is a bit of a crazy culture we live in where folks are so intent on capturing everything on ‘film’ that we miss really seeing/experiencing it. We just went to a big WWII event this weekend, and my (artist) daughters don’t want to see the hundreds of photos we (the parents) took, preferring to savor their personal memories. Maybe I should ditch the camera more and use the sketch books they keep giving me.

  21. Emily says

    Happy Pentecost! We celebrated yesterday with a confirmation and celebration and then a birthday party for the Church complete with flame hats for the children. So much fun!

  22. Danielle says

    I have only read this book but I’m thinking that it would make an excellent wedding present. Thank you!

  23. Elizabeth says

    I would just love to have this for our Little Oratory we set up last week. Our altar is so sparse. I converted just 3 years ago, so I really am still adding to the Catholic decor of our home.

  24. Cristina says

    …Manifesto against luxury kitchens… One reason why I keep coming back to your blog is because you are a bunch of REAL people with REAL kitchens and REAL lives. There is a price paid to have a “fancy kitchen”. I’m sorry I didn’t learn that lesson sooner in life.

  25. Catherine says

    The bag is so pretty and would be great for the book. I don’t have the book yet, but I ordered it. I hope it gets here soon. Thank you!

  26. says

    This bag is beautiful and I am really enjoying your posts–just recently started following you. I would really like this bag to carry my missal and mantilla in so they don’t get beat up in the diaper bag!

  27. M.E. says

    So enjoy the post on luxury kitchens. It made me recall a time when selling a house, the inspector noted “attention needed” in one area, why? Because the flooring in that area happened to be (gasp!) linoleum!?!
    Didn’t matter that it was in perfect condition, either, but after much debate, the sensible decision was made NOT to replace it – thank goodness.
    Common sense at last prevailed.
    The drawstring back for your lovely book is charming. Would so enjoy receiving one. Thank you for the giveaway. Many blessings to you & yours!

  28. Jennifer says

    LOVE the cute little bag :) And love the Little Oratory – bought it for myself from my children for Mother’s Day and gave one also to friends who had a baby and chose us to be godparents. They love it too!

  29. april says

    I would love my own copy of this, my mother in law had hers preodered… I could read this with her now.

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