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We had fun introducing my dad to Oklahoma – my mom came last year when Molly was born, but he’d never been. It’s not every day you get to show your father a landscape unlike any he’s ever seen before.




Funny thing about this lizard.

I spotted  it, just off the path, on our walk through the wildlife refuge and we all stopped to look. In true three-year-old form, Pippo squatted down with his nose approximately two feet away from the lizard in question, and just could not see him. For several whole minutes, we pointed, we switched positions, we described where to look, we even poked the little guy with long pieces of grass until finally his patience wore out and he disappeared into the rocks. Pippo just could not see him!

It occurred to us that maybe he just didn’t have enough of an idea of what a lizard looks like to be able to recognize one (though, really, I think he did), so I showed him the picture on my camera’s screen, saying, “see? That was what the lizard on the rock looked like.”

“Oh yes!” he cried, “I would like to see a lizard just like that!”

If only, dear child, if only.


And, of course, we ate. Quite a bit, in fact. Including a mighty good (if I do say so myself) chipotle-braised beef taco birthday dinner for my husband, complete with homemade tortillas (a first for me – thankfully a success) and Grandmother’s Chocolate Pie for dessert. This was my most picturesque version of this pie to date – my mom helped me get the meringue swirls just right.

Pippo was initially unimpressed that Dad had chosen pie instead of birthday cake, but afterwards admitted it wasn’t a bad idea, so long as next year he has cake.




What a treat to have my parents here for (most of) a week! My kids, especially, were in heaven. Grandparents are the best. We miss them already!




Added bonus: I got to be in some of the pictures!




This picture cracked me up. I don’t know what my husband is telling my dad, but I look like I’m not buying it! Considering we’re at the artillery museum, chances are good that he knows what he’s talking about better than I do. So I’m not sure why I’m looking so skeptical.


Whoever wrote the placards for the exhibits had a pretty dry sense of humor: “Unfortunately, the reaction of the mule to having a small cannon fired off its back was not fully considered.”



You notice that my mother is on the phone and on the computer at the same time, with the baby happily playing at her feet. This must be one of the differences between being a mother and being a grandmother. (As I type this, Pippo is literally poking his head between my arms and crawling onto my lap.)

Our visit had some business in it mixed in with all the fun; our pastor had invited both my parents to speak at our parish, which is what brought them out this way in the first place.

Dear Wanda made it to Auntie Leila’s talk all the way from Dallas and wrote a lovely post about the morning on her own blog. We had such a nice time meeting her and the three fun ladies (not to mention the adorable little gentleman) from Oklahoma City, whose names we are afraid have slipped our minds, although their smiling faces haven’t. And Lurker Morgain, who also drove up from Dallas and who we enjoyed talking with so much! And of course, the many really admirable women of my parish who turned out to hear about The Little Oratory and get their books signed. (The Chief’s talk also went well — they both sold out of all their books, which made their suitcases a lot lighter on the way home, and got a box of books out of my house!)

Enjoy the Feast of the Ascension today. Did you know that the Catholic practice of saying novenas — nine days of prayer for an intention — is Biblical and comes from the Apostles gathering in prayer from the Ascension to Pentecost — nine days? And that supposedly it’s a housewife who got the Pope to encourage all the faithful to imitate them? How amazing is that! Let’s pray to the Holy Spirit for an outpouring of His gifts!


  1. Clarice says

    I live 30 min east of your army base. I so wish I had known about the talks at Holy Family. I saw it on Re-inventing Mother. Sometime take family to Chisholm Trail Museum in Duncan. It’s small but very we’ll done.

  2. says

    Beautiful photos! Last week I created a photo collage for my eldest son for his graduation. (I’ve linked my graduation advice post) Do you know how many photos I’m in after 18 years? Maybe five. Okay, maybe a few more, but I was definitely behind the camera most of the time. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Beautiful family!

  3. says

    It was an honor to meet and be with both of you! I sure did mot expect a “shout out” on the blog. I hope we meet again soon!

  4. says

    Looks like a great time! (And you look so pretty! And your girlie seems to have your very same smile~ sweet. And at least Pippo got to see a PICTURE of it for proof!)

  5. April L says

    Rosie, I love seeing pictures of your house! I LOVE your decorating style. You have made a beautiful home!

    Would you care to pass on your tortilla recipe/any tips? I have not had the best luck making them myself.

  6. says

    The lizard story cracks me up. And I love seeing pictures of you– somehow we moms never make it into the photos. Thanks for sharing your week.

  7. Caitlin says

    The lizard story is so funny, because I can imagine my 2.5 year old doing the same. She has a really hard time finding things that we point at…. no idea what that’s about! Happy Birthday to your husband, and may I trouble you for that chocolate pie recipe? Chocolate + meringue is definitely my happy place. Also, I am due any day now with baby #2, and a lovely pie baking project is just what I need. :)

    • Dixie says

      I keep thinking about how Rosie wrote that she and Sukie decided that the best way to make a baby come was to start a multi-step project that the baby could interrupt! I think it was making cake and ice cream with Molly, right? And it worked! I would love to have my baby, due any day, interrupt the making of that pie! So yes, recipe, please, Rosie!

    • Rosie says

      Oh goodness, if ever there was motivation for posting a recipe in a timely fashion! I did vow this time to rewrite my recipe, which came from my in-laws in a scribbly and incomplete form. I’ll try, but don’t let those babies wait on me!!

  8. Rayna says

    I agree with Rebecca and April (Rosie looks so pretty and has the best decorating style), and also want to say that I wish my mom wore skirts like Leila. She’s 62 (so a bit older) and has really great legs, but I don’t think she’ll be talked into them. I’m always trying to give her a mommy makeover, poor woman!

  9. says

    I can’t believe ya’ll were so close and yet so far away, :). I live in Arkansas….too far a drive to make at this point, but it’s been fun to see the Oklahoma pictures. I love the picture of Grandpa and Pippo walking. :)

  10. says

    Lovely pie! (And can I admit I’m slightly jealous of your beautiful curls?? I always felt curls like those fit me better but apparently God did not agree.)

  11. K says

    Yes, please, I second the request for the chocolate pie recipe…also maybe quick tips on your chipotle beef tacos–if and when you can! [no imminent baby here, but you know, chocolate is everyone’s friend :)]

  12. says

    wow, your photos are especially beautiful this post! now you have me wanting to see oklahoma as well!! and totally agree about the grandmother v. mother thing – someone (not a close friend) wanted to visit me right after my third baby was born (two months ago) and said something about how she was ok if my kids played at our feet – um 1) that is not so generous of an allowance as you might think, since it’s not really an option whether or not they live in their own home! and 2) they don’t stay at my feet…and i don’t really get to have 3 hour conversations with a newborn and 3 under 3 in the house. sigh. some people don’t get it!

  13. Katie says

    Hi Rosie – I think my hair is similar to yours (thick! Lots of curls!) and would be very grateful for some curly hair tips! It’s always helpful learning tricks on how to manage the curls from others in a similar boat. That is, what product do you use? Do you wait until it’s dry to clip or pull it back? And how do you dry your hair? Mine does best when I let it air dry and can spend the first 30 minutes or so not moving around too much. With baby #1 on the way, I have a feeling my time will become that much more precious! Thank you, loved the post and pics!

  14. says

    What a most wonderful week that must have been! Such a beautiful and unusual (for us) landscape, and great photos. We enjoyed the museum mule, especially my daughter who loves WWII in general and the CBI theater in particular. (and what a funny shot of y’all -your dad doesn’t look like he’s buying much either) Another daughter said the pic of Leila on her gadgets looks like the Norman Rockwell with the grown-ups at the table and a bawling baby underneath, though of course your Molly looks happy as a clam. (and ps, even your curtains are beautiful, as is everything else!)

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