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Massachusetts/New England readers: don’t forget that you could hear Auntie Leila speak in Lexington next week!


This week’s links!


  • First, a few notes on Common Core: This weekend, The Artist and I are planning to watch Building the Machine, the new documentary out about Common Core (it’s only 40 min). A great resource about Common Core is Catholic Is Our Core from the Cardinal Newman society — this site is heavy on background information and commentary. If you have any investment, as an educator or simply as an interested party (or simply as an American), in education in the US, this issue is pertinent for you. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that moms (and future moms) are key players in this, in so far as your voice matters if your kid is in a school that would be affected or is already affected (and that is most schools in the country!). 


  • Did you do anything clever for April Fools Day? Here’s an interesting article about the history of the day (and its Catholic roots!).



  • Need some inspiration about how to spend your time for creative pursuits? Here’s a fun post and infographic detailing how certain creative giants budgeted their 24 hours: Creative Routines. Perhaps unattainable for some of us (e.g., any of us who are responsible for caring for others), but a helpful exercise in thinking about the use of time.



  • Awesome tool for seeking out the deals and out-of-print editions (remember how Auntie Leila mentioned the Trolley Car Children): Book Sale Finder!



  • Any other baseball fans out there? An article about how two umpires got an historic, game-changing, World Series call right: The Last Great Call(s). Anyone else out there upset that the MLB has decided to include camera technology for instant replay?


From the archives:


Today is the Memorial of the intense St. Vincent Ferrer, a Dominican with a highly dramatic life, who knew the entire Bible by heart!


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  1. says

    Loved the apple peeler! If Phil figures out what should go in the drill to keep the apple from being drilled from the inside, let us know. I’m ready for apple pie! Could it be just a thick skewer of some sort? I didn’t see any commentary on the YouTube page.

  2. says

    Figures there is no book place in Indiana…one in Lansing MI–may have to try that if I go thru there next summer (prob not). OH well…

    • Kara says

      Sorry, it posted before I was finished. I found it quite quickly, because we live in Europe and that’s how they teach math. It actually makes more sense, once you understand what they’re doing, and children better understand what is happening. It does look very weird and complicated if you don’t know what’s going on.

  3. Betsy M says

    Thanks Deirdre for the links. I can’t wait to show my husband that apple peeling technique. He will be all over it this fall! The BMI link is also very timely for us. We will be purchasing more life insurance shortly and are not looking forward to the inevitable conversation where they tell my hubby he is in the poor health category because of his BMI. He is a very muscular, solid boned, short(er) man. It is at least nice to know that a few other people have difficulty with the formula.

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