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Here follow some random food pictures.





What happens when you have a bunch of fruit that are decent quality but just aren’t meeting your taste standards and may go bad if not used soon? (This was sometime in the late winter.)



Jam, of course!


Have you ever made jam before? No.


Does it matter that you don’t know what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks you’re doing?


Or that you don’t, for example, have the proper equipment for processing jars?


Or that your baby is getting progressively more impatient as you find yourself progressively more committed to this (timing-sensitive) task, which you have not thought through?


Do you accidentally burn yourself? Obviously.


But it did taste good.


No, I’m not giving you a recipe nor instructions. Many of you could give me a lesson in this, I know. And those of you who couldn’t… you don’t want to learn from me.



Well, just a few links this week! Perhaps a chance to breath a little and catch up on some of the links from previous weeks that you didn’t get to?



  • Here’s a link to the radio interview that Auntie Leila and her co-author David Clayton did the other day in Boston. You can tell from the pictures that they had a good time, can’t you?



From the archives:





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  1. says

    Nevermind the jam (though I’m sure it was delicious) – how about telling us what that gorgeous quiche/pie-looking thing is?

  2. says

    The great thing about jam is that even if it doesn’t set up “properly”, it is tasty! Who cares if its set; all that matters is that you can stir that deliciousness into yogurt, spread it on a toast or a bagel, or pour it on your pancakes! And if you dont have canning equipment, you can still freeze it. You just cant lose! Yours looks delicious! (I sound like a commercial for jam-making! :)

  3. Rayna says

    I “fourth” (?) the request for the quiche (beautiful). Your jam looks like jewels – so pretty. While my babies napped, I was able to listen to Leila’s interview. She has such a sweet voice and ready laugh! Love it!

  4. Deirdre says

    Hi Ladies! The top photo is of a dish that my mom always made, that we know as “ham and cheese and spinach pie.” I made it in a spring-form pan with plenty of cheddar. It’s fairly straightforward – the name says it all! :) Great use of leftover ham and it’s delicious eaten hot or cold. Thanks for the interest!

    • Susan (DE) says

      Thank you!!! Could someone (you, your mother, your next-door neighbor???) possibly give us a recipe (even a sorta-recipe)?? Thank you! (What pie-crust recipe do you use? Or is that something else? It looks so beautifully GOLDEN brown — but not burned at all.)

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