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Have I mentioned before that I think carnations get a bad rap? I, for one, like them. 
  • If you are looking for inspiration for baby clothing knitting projects, look no further than this lovely baby layette post – with lots of links! – at Small Things. 

  • Rosie and Pippo spent some time the other night enjoying this truly mesmerizing video of pendulum waves, as well as other interesting science-related videos from the same YouTube channel. You can read more about the facts behind the pendulum waves here

  • A young man and student of history is tweeting World War II as if in real time, sending out tweets as news bulletins for events on the dates and at the correct times of their occurrence. You can read about his endeavor in this article about it (NB: some language), and Twitter users can follow him directly: @RealTimeWWII Pretty cool! This may give me reason enough to actually check Twitter on a regular basis (I generally forget to use it but I do need to learn my WWII).

  • This website has a complete guide to stain removal, organized by culprit. And it’s full of colorful pictures, which makes it appealing: Stain Solutions. I haven’t used it so I can’t swear to its wisdom, but it is certainly the most exhaustive list of stain solutions I’ve ever seen! 
  • Here’s one I haven’t read yet: Auntie Leila sent me an “interesting and long read” from The New Atlantis; it’s about dogs, she tells me, but with an interesting subtext on parental authority: Dog’s Best Friend.

    From the article:

    Not surprisingly, once reason’s title to rule is overthrown, rule itself becomes increasingly ungrounded. Authority, discipline, and obedience are now highly suspect concepts. The results are visible all around, but nowhere more so than in the household. Adult discomfort with authority leaves the littlest and least socialized in charge; spoiled kids and pampered pooches (mis)rule the roost. 

  • Did you know about the Library feature at Catholic Culture? I know, I know – we’re always linking to Catholic Culture, and of course we’re not exactly unbiased. But really, it is quite a formidable resource. Just want to make sure you have it if you need it! 

  • From the archives:

    This is not to stress you out, but to help you to start the wheels turning, planning-wise, so that your Thanksgiving can run as smoothly as possible (that is, if you’re hosting). Ask Auntie Leila: No really, how do you prepare for Thanksgiving? This is a highly detailed how-to for busy moms with babies in tow – eminently realistic. Reading (or re-reading) it now will help you get your game face on.

    And since Advent follows just after Thanksgiving: Advent, The Beginning of Wonder.

Happy Commemoration of All Souls! Here’s a little something more from the archive related to today.

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  1. Annie says

    Last year I re-read the preparing for T-giving post and it was so helpful, BUT I was all too smart for my own good and decided that buying the kids' christmas shoes could really wait till after t-giving. I can now attest to the fact that it cannot; my children did not have new shoes for Christmas last year. A trip to the shoe store is on my list for next week (or maybe the week after…)!

    • _Leila says

      Annie, it's a fine line, of course, because too early and their feet grow before Christmas! But yes, best to get out there asap.

  2. priestswife says

    I'm so glad you suggested the Tday post- because (not surprising) we Byzantine Catholics have it a bit different- Advent (what we call St Phillip's fast- a bit less intense than the fast before Easter) starts for us on November 15th- so Tday is smack dab in a fasting season- my family still celebrates it however- we just save the leftoovers for Saturday- yes- no turkey on Friday after Tday for us

  3. Virginia says

    I loved the article on dogs! Mr. Borjesson was my tutor at St. John's and he was working on this book when I was there, but he hadn't finished it yet. So happy to see it here!

  4. Joy in Alabama says

    I don't always comment on Saturday posts, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them each week! Thanks for taking the time to find interesting things!

  5. says

    I loved the Rijks Studio! Wow, I'm going to lose myself in that site for a little while. :) Thanks for sharing these Saturday morning links. A perfect pairing with a cup of coffee.

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